Potassium carbonate


Potassium carbonate
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Potassium carbonate, also known as pearl ash or potash, is used as a raising agent in conjunction with an acidic material such as tartaric acid. This tricarbonate only releases carbon dioxide in combination with a sour. Just heat will not release the carbon dioxide. It is most often used in the production of the German lebkuchen (gingerbread). In the production of long-stored lebkuchen doughs, fermentation acids are formed. Also the often used invert sugar syrup in gingerbread is a sour ingredient (pH 2,5-4,5).
Potassium carbonate is also used as raising agents, where it is necessary to restrict the amount of sodium or enhance the potassium in the product.
Our potassium carbonate is available in 90gram, 220gram, 950 gram and 12kg

Ingredients: potassium carbonate