Organic barley malt flour active

Organic barley malt flour active
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Malt flour active is a natural enzymatic bread improver.

Malt flour active is rich in enzymes. Mainly amylases (starch-degrading enzymes) but also proteases (protein-degrading enzymes). Amylase breaks down the starch into malt sugars (maltose) which serve as food for the yeast or wild yeasts (in sourdough). The malt sugars that remain during baking make a connection with the proteins and give the crumb color and taste. Malt flour increases the volume of the bread and ensures a beautiful coloring of the crumb and crust. This malt product counteracts the aging process of bread and thus extends the shelf life of the bread.

Active malt flour is also called diax or diastatic malt flour. Diastatic enzymes convert starch into sugars. Malt flour active is mainly used for wheat bread and with a short processing time.

Dosage: 5-20g per 1kg flour. 0,5-2% (flour weight basis).

Malt flour active is available in 150g, 600g and 8kg

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Organic barley malt flour active


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Organic barley malt flour active


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Organic barley malt flour active


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