Baking ammonia


Baking ammonia
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Ammonium bicarbonate or short ammonium, (and Hartshorn salt or baker's ammonia), is used as a leavening agent, in the baking of cookies and other edible treats. It gives an explosive and fast leavening for baked goods that are baked for a short time like cookies. Ammonium carbonate is especially suited to thin, dry cookies. When heated it releases ammonia and carbon dioxide gases, but no water. The lack of water allows the cookies to cook and dry out faster, and thinner cookies allows the ammonia to be completely baked out, rather than remaining behind, as it would in a thicker mass.

Dosage: 1tsp (4g) on 500 grams of flour.

Available in 80 gram, 200 gram, 900 gram and 12,5 kilogram.
Ingredients: ammonium bicarbonate